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A combination lock is a sort of locking device in which a series of symbols, typically numerals, are used to unlock the lock. The combination can be inputted via a simple spinning dial that engages many plates or cams, a group of revolving plates with characters engraved on them that engage the latching mechanism actively, or an electronic or mechanical keypad. There are many different kinds, from low-cost three-digit baggage locks to high-security safes. These locks don’t require keys, as regular padlocks do.

There are different types of these locks, and some of them incorporate alarm systems that signal or alert one to an unauthorized opening attempt. They are also present on safes, as they provide a suitable lock system for safes. The level of security each type provides varies, so you can choose one based on your security requirements. Some of these locks come pre-installed, so installation may not be necessary. However, for homes or commercial buildings, certain types may require installation.

Types of Combination Locks

It is important to know the different types of these locks so that you can make the right choice when choosing one.

Single Dial Locks

You’d typically find these types of locks on lockers and storage sheds. It has a single-dial basic design that’s the same irrespective of the shape or size it comes in. Basically, it works by spinning one dial to enter your code while the other simply executes the lock and unlock mechanism. Single-dial locks can be used for any type of facility as they are flexible and a great security option.

Multi-Dail Lock

This type of lock comes with multiple dials; each dial is moved separately to enter the correct code. And all the correct codes must be entered at once to unlock it. It is often used to lock doors in a single-minded locking system. Multi-dial locks are often found at homes, businesses, and apartment buildings. They can be a safe and secure alternative and would give burglars a tough time.

Modern Combination Locks

This is a modern lock system that incorporates both keycode entry and alarm systems. It uses a combination of wheels that only turn when the correct code is entered on its keypad. It is fitted with features such as motion sensors that activate the alarm system, anti-shim technology, and a backlight for the keypads for use at night. A modern combination lock ensures maximum security as all access is controlled by the keypad. They are a perfect fit for houses, hotels, warehouses, and schools. They can be a great security option for you as they come in different shapes and styles to suit your requirements and budget.

Other types include mechanical, electronic, and combination padlocks. These can also be a great choice if you want something more befitting of your security needs. The unique thing about these locks is that they are keyless entry door locks, which means you don’t need keys to use them. So, there won’t be any worries about locking your door while your keys are still inside the house. which is a breath of fresh air for most people who previously used key locks.

Combination Lock Installation, Repair, and Replacement Service

As we mentioned, different types of these locks require different methods of installation, while some require none. For most of the padlocks, you’d only need to know how to use the combination codes. However, the electronic or modern types of these locks require installation. To do that, you may require the services of a locksmith. A locksmith is better suited to help with the installation, repair, or replacement needs.

Pro-Tech Locksmith is a company in St. Louis, MO, and we have the technical ability to install any type of lock. Also, if you find that your lock won’t open even after entering the right combinations, then a repair may be in place. We offer a variety of locksmith services, so a simple lock combination shouldn’t be a problem for us. Our top professionals have the experience and expertise and are some of the best in St. Louis, MO and environs.

Commercial Lock Rekey Service That Stands Out

Moving into a new apartment requires renovation and adjusting things to your taste. One of those things, which should also be the first thing you do, is to rekey your door locks. This way, you won’t have to worry about a stranger in your living room or kitchen. You could also opt for an upgrade to your door locks, upgrades that provide better security. Reach out to Pro-Tech Locksmith to make this possible. We are the best you’ll come across in St. Louis, MO.

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