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Keyless Entry Door Locks – Make The Right Choice!

Keyless entry door locks are now gaining more popularity as interoperability with smart home devices grows. So much so that they have become a terrific alternative for busy families.

It can be an awkward feeling to hear your door shut behind you and then realize your keys are still inside. It is one that most individuals have felt at some point. Gaining entrance back into the house would require the help of a locksmith or breaking your own window. Sometimes, you have to begin your search for the key hidden somewhere in the yard. Installation of keyless entry door locks used to be an intensive and costly luxury. This type of lock has followed since home technology and smart homes have grown in popularity. It offers simple installation choices and smart device connectivity. With a keyless entry lock, shutting your door while the keys are still inside won’t be a problem. You will be able to regain entry into the house with a simple keypad number, phone swipe, or fingerprint.

It sounds like a security lock device that you should have installed, right? Well, reach out to Pro-Tech Locksmith to get yours installed today.

Are Keyless Entry Door Locks Secure?

You are probably wondering if these types of locks are actually secure. Maybe the more pressing question is, are they more secure than regular door locks? They certainly can be, is the response. Yes, keyless locks are more secure if it means that your doors will be locked whenever you leave the house, preventing you from hiding a key somewhere in the yard or creating several additional keys that you’ll ultimately lose track of. However, keyless locks have several limitations due to their reliance on technology, whereas conventional front door locks give some choices for changes that increase security. They might be a terrific choice based on your preferences and requirements.

So, if you have finally come to the decision to install keyless entry door locks, contact Pro-Tech Locksmith in St. Louis, MO. We can help you choose the best one for your home or business. Our services are top-notch, and you will be very satisfied once we are done. Don’t miss out on the best. Give us a call today to get started!

Commercial Lock Rekey Service: Top Service!

Unlike your place of residence, which, of course, needs the best door locks, a commercial establishment needs an even higher security system. When it comes to rekeying those locks, you’d want nothing but the best. Now, rekeying may not be enough; you may need to add extra layers of security systems, especially if you operate a sensitive business.

If you had just acquired a building or facility to run your business from, you’d definitely want to change the locks. Doing this will give you the confidence that no one can gain access to the building without your permission. Also, you may want to consider installing a master key system if rekeying doesn’t do it for you. Keyless entry door locks may also be an option, but most people would prefer an integration of regular locks and smart door locks.

As always, you can count on us for the installation, repair, rekeying, and replacement of any type of lock. We are recognized by the populace of St. Louis, MO as one of the best locksmith outfits. Put your trust in our services and watch us give you just what you need.

Residential Rekey Service: Your Safety First!

A damaged lock may need to be rekeyed as rekeying a lock can be an affordable alternative to changing an entire lock. A locksmith can reprogram your lock — mechanically, of course, to work with another key. This is usually done if the original key is lost or you want to make copies. People who have just moved into a new building would prefer this option. However, if changing the entire lock sits well with you, then you can surely go for it. Our expert locksmith St. Louis expert is available to help you.

Affordable Lock And Key Services

Having troubles with your locks at a particularly odd hour? Have you just arrived from your work place only to realize your keys have been locked inside the house? No worries, when it is a time you consider as late and wouldn’t expect a repairman, we will come to your rescue. Our services are available to you at any time of the day.

Furthermore, if you got an emergency situation with your any type of lock, do not hesitate to contact us. Count on us for your auto, residential and commercial locksmith and key needs.

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