Keypad Door Lock: What are Keypad Locks, and How Do They Work?


A keypad door lock allows you to use your numeric PIN to unlock and lock a door from your phone or key fob. It typically has a push-button dial pad and a display screen that shows your PIN. The display screen will also show status indicators for door lock, door open, and door close. When the door lock is enabled, the green check mark will be displayed in the status window. If the door is locked or unlocked, the red Xs will display on either side of the check mark. When the door is open, the red message “Door Ajar” will display on the display screen.

You can track whether a person is allowed to enter through the keypad at all times by viewing a video of their unique PIN. A keypad door lock is an electronic lock that uses a combination of buttons and electronic inputs to secure entry to a room or building.

Keypad Door Locks: There Are Various Benefits Of Keypad Locks!

Many times, there are several advantages of keypad locks over regular door locks. Some of the advantages of a door lock are as follows.

  • The keypad door lock is easy to use because all you have to do is push a button to open the door.
  • You can unlock the door with your phone or have your housekeeper do it. And when you’re not home, nobody can unlock your room or building without your permission.
  • They are also more secure than traditional locks. A thief would need to know your secret code, and there’s no way for the code to be guessed.
  • And finally, keypad locks are more environmentally friendly. They don’t use physical keys, so there’s no need for you to throw them out!
  • Keypad locks are easy to install and can be installed in minutes, while regular door locks may take some time to install.
  •  Door locks are one of the most basic security measures you can take to protect your home.
  • A door lock allows one person to enter a room while preventing another from entering, protecting your privacy and security. A keypad lock, on the other hand, is a more advanced type of door lock that allows you to unlock the door with a simple numeric code.
  • Keypad door locks are more secure than regular door locks, as they require a numerical combination before unlocking the door. This prevents intruders from entering your home without your permission.

     How To Install Keypad Locks?

    The one downside to keypad door locks is that they can be difficult to install and adjust. However, with some patience and research, you can find an installer, like Pro-Tech Locksmith in St. Louis, MO, who can assist you in setting up your lock. Well, We can install keypad door locks. Taking the lockout is not such a complicated task. A person who has basic knowledge can take out the door lock. First of all, you have to remove the old door lock and then you have to install a new one. The installation of a new door lock on the old door is also not difficult.

    You don’t need any experience or special tools to do this task. A door lock is one of the best door locks that you can install, especially if you are a person who loves privacy, safety and security in their home or office. This type of door lock is very convenient because it gives you your own personal code that only you know, and nobody knows your code, but you can still let anyone in your home or office.

     When Should We Replace Keypad Lock?

    You should replace the keypad door lock when it stops operating effectively or when it becomes inconvenient to use. When the door lock stops working properly, it can leave you with no way in or out of your home if the lock becomes dangerous to use. Additionally, a keypad lock is more likely to become damaged than a traditional door lock. Therefore, you should replace a keypad door lock more frequently than a traditional door lock. Call our best locksmith St. Louis, experts, to replace keypad locks. We can also replace combination locks.

     Call A Professional at Pro-Tech Locksmith!

    Calling a professional is always the best option when it comes to the installation and/or repair of door locks and handles. Not only will a professional know what to do to get the job done properly, but they will also do it efficiently, ensuring that the work is completed in a timely manner. Call our professionals at Pro-Tech Locksmith in St. Louis, MO. We can also install keyless entry door locks.

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