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A car immobilizer is a lock that serves as an added security feature for your vehicle. It prevents the car from being started if any code has not been entered to unlock it or it has been tampered with. When you buy a new car, its locking mechanism will be preset and cannot be changed by the owner. The manufacturer might have used it to activate the new system. If your new car does not have an original locking mechanism, you can buy a compatible model that comes with this.

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Benefits Of Immobilizer:Safety and Security

In an effort to prevent theft, many car manufacturers equipped their vehicles with it. Listed below are some of the most common uses:

Theft prevention – You park your car in a public parking lot or your garage and then forget about it? If so, the car could be taken at any time. It prevents thieves from starting the engine to take the car. Some car manufacturers equip the vehicle with an anti-theft protection system. If the car is stolen, the anti-theft system can prevent the car from starting if the alarm is triggered. This is very useful in preventing the car from being driven off the lot or highway and being put to use in a crime.

Parking mode – You’ve parked the car, but you’re running late for work and don’t want to take the time to move the car again? Let the car stay in parked mode while you’re away. When you return, the car’s computer will be prevented from starting by this.

It can be programmed so that the car will go into parking mode when you shut the engine off. This can prove very useful in parking lots and garages where there may be no electrical outlets available to permanently “park” your car.

Blocking (IP Blocking)
This is a very common anti-theft feature that prevents the engine from turning on if the key is being held by an unauthorized person. It give you an alarm if someone tries to start the car or if the key is being held by an unauthorized person. You may want to disable the alarm so that thieves will not be alerted by an alarm when they try to start the car.

How Does an Immobilizer Work?

When you start the car with the key, the car’s computer communicates with the immobilizer inside the car. It is connected to the car’s onboard computer. Once the car computer is “communicating” with the immobilizer, it sends a signal to the car’s computer that tells it that the owner has locked the car and that the key has been inserted. The car’s computer will then go into “immobilizer mode”. While the car is in this mode, your car will not start if you insert the wrong key. Once the car’s computer “receives” the correct “signal” from the key, the car computer will stop communicating with it, allowing the engine to start again.

How to Unlock a Car?

You’ve purchased a new car or you are having troubles unlocking a car that has an immobilizer. If you have the original key and the car has an immobilizer, here is what you need to do to unlock the car.

  • Make sure the engine is off.
  • Insert the original key into the ignition slot.
  • Try turning the key multiple times at the same time. If the car starts, stop the engine and turn off the car.
  • Get the spare key and lock the other key in the trunk or hide it away.
  • Open the trunk and place the spare key inside so that the engine will start when someone opens the trunk.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed the uses of car immobilizers and how they work. We provided a list of the most common uses and explained how it works. We also explained how to unlock a car with an immobilizer and how to unlock a car without it. If you want to install it in your car and programme it call us at Pro- Tech Locksmith in St. Louis, MO. We are the experienced technicians to help you out with all car related issues. Our automotive locksmiths can help with lost car keys, car lockout, and many other car lock services. Check our page to get more information about us!

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