Auto Key Replacement: Benefits of Car Key Replacement!

Auto key replacement services are a service that provides the facility to replace the lost or damaged keys of your car with new ones. You turn over your old keys to your local car service, which sends out new keys to you.

The benefits of auto key replacement services are,

  1. It saves you time and effort as you won’t have to search for the old keys yourself.
  2. It ensures that nobody has access to your personal information, as the keys will only be in possession of your car dealer, who will handle all the communication with your car manufacturer.
  3. Finally, it protects you from unscrupulous individuals who might scam you.
    Who may try to sell you older or second-hand keys, claiming that they are original ones?

Things To Remember Before Auto Key Replacement!

  1. Properly document all the old and new locks, including the manufacturer and model number on each, and include any unique features of the replacement locks.
  2. Confirm that you have accounted for and secured all the old keys. If you lose or somebody steals your key, you should destroy it. If a key may be duplicated, you should register it with the manufacturer as void or invalid to prevent re-use.
  3. Make sure that you only make new replacement keys for the correct fit and function of each lock and that you securely affix them to their designated lockset.
  4. Coordinate an installation with your existing locksmith to ensure that all the replacement parts are properly installed and working properly together as a system.

Key Replacement: Reasons to Replace the Keys!

If you really want to know the reason to call auto key replacement services, then it’s very easy. It’s because there’s a high possibility that your car keys are about to break and need to be replaced. It may be due to damage, wear and tear, or simply outdated. And if you are in this situation, then you must make sure that you change your keys as soon as possible because nobody wants to get locked out of their car or home! With auto key replacement services from Pro-Tech Locksmith.

We can swap out your car keys for updated ones with all-new features, including smart chips, for extra security. So, if you want a reason to call auto key replacement services from Pro-Tech Locksmith, then just look at the peace of mind that comes with it!

Transponder Key: When You Have to Change Transponder Keys!

A transponder is a keyless access system (KAS) transponder chip that attaches to the door handle of a door. When you insert the chip into the electromagnetically enabled lock, it transmits a secret code. You can use this code to electronically open and close the lock.

When you purchase new keys for your door, you will receive a set of new transponder keys that work with your old locks. These new transponder keys will have different codes than your original keys, so you can open your door with them. Once we install your new keys, you will need to change the old locks with new transponder keys that work with your current locks. Call automotive locksmith services in St. Louis, MO. Our locksmith St. Louis can help to replace any key.

Ignition Key Replacement: When to Need Entire Ignition Key Cylinder!

You need to replace your ignition key when it gets damaged or outdated in order to extend its life. You can replace it at any locksmith service provider in your city. When replacing the old key, you need to have your vehicle’s key programmed into the new ignition key. This will allow the new key to be the only one that unlocks your car doors. We can also replace car immobilizers.

There are some instances where you may need to replace your entire ignition key cylinder. This is when:

  • Somebody cracks the cylinder or damages it in any way.
  • The cylinder becomes wear and tear, so it no longer works well.
  • You lose your keys, or they stop functioning properly.
  • You want to change your locks because you are moving into a new home or office.


It is always a difficult decision if you must replace the old auto keys or not. You need to do some research on the latest technology in this field and then decide. But while replacing old auto keys, your safety and security are the topmost priorities.

Always replace old, broken auto keys with new, better-quality keys that are more functional. If you take advantage of our auto key replacement services, our highly skilled auto locksmith services technicians will change your old auto keys with new ones in an easier and faster way, without any kind of mess or damage.

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